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Frequently Asked Scholastic Questions

Question: Who is eligible for the Scholar All-American Program?

Answer: You need to meet the following criteria in order to be considered for the Scholar All-American Program:
1. Currently be in 5th Grade or higher for the current Pop Warner Season (2016)
2. Have a 96% Grade Point Average (GPA) from your previous school year's report card. (2015-2016)
3. Have a Complete Full-Year's Report Card from your previous school year to prove eligibility (2015-2016)
4. Completely fill out the 2016 All-American Application which included addendum

Question: What do I need to do if I am eligible for the Scholar All-American Program?

Answer: This will differ a little from program to program. You should contact your local program once practice begins (August 1) to see when the paperwork is due, and whom you need to submit everything to.

Question: How are the applications graded once submitted to Nationals?

Answer: Once we receive the applications from each Region in early January, we come up with a score for each participant based on his/her GPA and the addendum score. NOTE, addendums are graded based on a scoring system that Pop Warner National has developed and had evaluated by several professionals in the educations system. We do no release these criteria to anyone outside of our office because we want keep the competition fair and equal for all participants.

Question: What is the difference between First Team, Second Team, and Honorable Mention All-American?

Answer: A First Team All-American is one of the top 35 football players or top 35 cheerleaders for his/her grade nationwide. A Second Team All-American consists of those scholars who are above an annually increasing final score (GPA + addendum), ranging last year from about 101 -108. An Honorable Mention Scholar in 2016 had a final score between 96-101.

Question: What is an Honorable Mention All-American Scholar?

Answer: We feel that everyone who meets the criteria for All-American consideration should be rewarded for his/her academic success. If you meet this criteria and your application was turned in to us, then you will be an Honorable Mention Scholar if you miss out on Second Team.

Question: If my son/daughter makes First Team for his/her region, league or association, are they automatically a National First Team All-American?

Answer: No, Regional, League and/or Association recognition is separate from National recognition. You must understand that while someone makes First Team at the Region Level, he/she is competing against the whole nation at the National Level.

Question: When will I find out if I am an All-American Scholar?

Answer: Every year we make the announcement on www.popwarner.com on or before April 1st. We also mail out a packet to each scholar containing a Certificate of Achievement, Scholar Recognition Letter, an invitation to the National Scholar Banquet which is typically held each Memorial Day Weekend.

Question: Who is eligible to attend the Scholar Awards Banquet in May?

Answer: Every Scholar is invited to attend, whether they are First Team, Second Team or Honorable Mention. We hold this event annually to recognize all of our incredible scholars and to honor leaders in the sports community.

Question: What is an All-American Senior Scholar and are they the only ones eligible for scholarships at the Awards Program in May?

Answer: An All-American Senior Scholar is a First Team recipient in grades 8 and above. Yes, they are the only Scholar All-Americans who are eligible for scholarship at the National Levels. As the National Pop Warner Scholarship Fund grows we are hoping to offer more scholarships to all of our participant’s grade levels. Pop Warner Leagues and Regions often hold separate scholastic banquets, and may award scholarships to any participants based upon their pre-determined criteria.

Question: How big of a deal is it to be named as a Pop Warner All-American Scholar?

Answer: An extremely big deal! If your son/daughter is recognized as a Pop Warner All-American Scholar, then he/she is amongst the top 1% of all Pop Warner participants. They are also eligible to attend our Awards Recognition Program held annually which commemorates their achievements on the field, in the classroom and in the community.

Question: What is the All-American National Tribute like?

Answer: The Tribute sessions are held on Friday night and Saturday morning depending on the scholars grade level. This event can be compared to a graduation ceremony as each scholar will be called up onto the stage and recognized for their scholastic efforts. The tribute also features a motivational speaker who speaks for 10-15 minutes and an exciting raffle at the end of the event.

Question: What is the All-American National Banquet like?

Answer: This can only be described as one of the premier events on the Pop Warner calendar. This event usually draws 2,000 people and during the event our Senior Scholar First Team Scholarships are presented, each regions scholars are recognized, and our National awards are handed out to some of today’s brightest sports stars. The event includes dinner and lasts around 3 hours. At the end of the banquet all of the scholars in attendance are invited to come up and get autographs from our award winners.

Question: What is the Banquet Dress Code?

Answer: On a normal Banquet year, we ask that the scholars wear dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes for the men and a skirt, dress or dress pants for the women. Ties and jackets are always welcome but not required to attend. For our 50th anniversary in Philadelphia, the event will be Black Tie Optional. For this event please no shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, jerseys or flip flops.

Question: Where are future Banquets going to be held?

2010 - Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA (Pop Warner 50th Scholastic Banquet)
2011 – Chicago, IL
2012 - Orlando, FL

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